Nested Preformed Crimped End Coin Wrappers

These nested preformed crimped end coin wrappers help save space by nesting a penny, nickel, dime, and quarter crimped end coin wrapper inside of each other. The nested boxes are perfect for retailers looking to add coin wrappers to their product lineup without taking up much shelf space. Choose from as few as 48 preformed crimped end coin wrappers to as many as 400 in a single box.

Our nested preformed crimped end coin wrappers are double wrapped using 60# brown kraft paper. Our machines provide an extra tight crimp that withstands rough handling and breakage, as well as an inside diameter guaranteed to keep your coins straight. Each wrapper is a true circular shape and not conical.

Every wrapper has candy-striped edges and is marked with both its coordinating denomination and dollar amount when filled. The coloring of each wrapper follows the Federal Reserve and ABA standard colors. The crimped end on one side makes using each wrapper a breeze whether you are filling them by hand or with machine.  Our wrappers fit most coin machines and are 100% recyclable.

Upgrade your box by adding a Twist-N-Crimp®. Our crimpers will crimp over the open end of your filled wrapper creating a secure closure and leaving you with a piece of mind that your hard work of filling all your wrappers won’t go to waste!

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48 Count, 100 Count, 100 Count with Twist-N-Crimp, 200 Count, 200 Count with Twist-N-Crimp, 400 Count