Who does N. F. String sell to?

N. F. String is a manufacturer and full service provider. We sell products and services to a variety of industries including end users as well as retailers and distributors.

Does N. F. String offer coin sorting and counting options?

Yes. N. F. String offers a variety of coin sorting and counting products. We have the RollCracker™, which separates coins from wrappers. We also have professional coin machines to match any coin sorting and counting need.

N. F. String also offers coin sorting wrappers for all coin denominations.

Where can I buy N. F. String products?

N. F. String products are available in a variety of ways. You may buy direct from our company via phone, email, fax or internet. Our website provides product details and e-commerce capabilities for our full product line. You will also find our products represented through a variety of distributors and their websites or internet commerce and shopping sites.

Does N. F. String offer volume pricing?

N. F. String services wholesale accounts who may qualify for volume pricing. Please Contact us regarding your needs or simply click on the wholesale link.

Can I pick up my order?

Orders can be picked up at our manufacturing plant at 1380 Howard St. Harrisburg, PA. We suggest you contact us in advance so that we can serve you as promptly as possible. Large shipments (i.e. tractor trailers) will be accommodated on a first come first serve basis unless prior arrangements have been made.

What are your payment terms?

We accept the standard methods of payment: cash, check, credit card. Wholesale accounts are welcome to submit a credit application to establish terms.