Cat Scratcher

Our all-natural, 100% Made-in-America cat scratchers will keep your cat busy scratching, and it won’t be on your furniture! The cat scratchers are double-sided and made from biodegradable recycled cardboard. There are no toxic glues or adhesives involved in making these cat scratchers, which makes it perfectly safe for your feline friends!

Our cat scratchers are super-light and portable, making them convenient to tuck away or take out as needed.

Single scratchers:

  • 18-3/4″ x 4-5/8″ x 1-3/4″
  • 20 single scratchers per case

Double scratchers:

  • 18-3/4″ x 9-1/4″ x 1-3/4″
  • 12 double scratchers per case

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