Self-Sealing Currency Straps

Our self-sealing currency straps are great way to hold your notes together. Each strap is guaranteed to wrap around 100 notes of the corresponding denomination.

ABA Standard Dimensions*: 7.75″ long x 1.25″ wide

ABA Standard Coloring*: $100/Blue, $200/Green, $500/Red, $1000/Yellow, $2000/Violet, $5000/Brown, and $10000/Mustard

We also have available non-ABA standard coloring including: Plain White/Blank, $25/Black $50/Purple, $50/Orange, $250/Cerise, and $250/Orange. If wanting to purchase non-ABA standard coloring, please contact us.

Product Specs

Paper: Premium 50 lb. white kraft paper.

Glue: Rubber based. Glue is on either end of each strap and will only stick to itself.

Ink: Water-based making the self-sealing currency straps non-toxic.

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*Standards are set by the United States Federal Reserve.




Blank/Plain White, $100/Blue, $200/Green, $500/Red, $1000/Yellow, $2000/Violet, $5000/Brown, $10000/Mustard

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