Crab Print Paper Table Cover

-100′ of premium, heavy duty kraft paper.
-Our natural non-coated, unwaxed brown kraft paper is the perfect choice when shipping or packaging. Strong enough to protect your valuables when moving.
-Made using heavy duty 60lb brown kraft paper. Rest easy knowing you are using high quality, durable kraft paper that does not rip, tare, or leak easily. Much stronger than 30lb, 40lb, and even 50lb paper.
-Great choice for arts and crafts. Thick enough so markers, glues, etc. won’t leak through while using it.
-Kraft paper that is extremely versatile. Use it for anything from gift wrapping to a table cover, to bulletin board backgrounds and everything in between.


Weight N/A
Dimensions 40 × 6 × 6 in

1 Roll, 4 Pack (4 Rolls), Case (25 Rolls)


5ft., 7ft., 9ft., 100ft., 300ft.

# of Crabs

2 Crabs, 4 Crabs

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